Promoting Global Peace: The Role of Religious Freedom and Human Rights


  • Hafiz Muhammad Faizan ul Hassan Research Scholar, Institute of Humanities and Arts, Khawja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan


Religious Freedom, Human Rights, Global Peace, Cultures, Beliefs, Societies


The paper addresses how religious freedom and equal rights for all are crucial to creating a more peaceful world. It explains how importance how importance it is to allow people to practice their views without fear or pressure. When people feel accepted for their opinions, it makes it easier for them to comprehend and respect those who hold different beliefs. This understanding fosters peace by establishing stronger relationships among varied cultures. Furthermore, the paper highlights the idea that everyone, regardless of their beliefs, should be treated equally. Treating everyone fairly defends their rights and contributes to the creation of an equitable society in which prejudice is minimized. This research emphasizes the importance of religious freedom and fair treatment in achieving global harmony by examining how they are linked. It emphasizes the need to respect differing ideas and guarantee fairness for all, contributing to a world in which people can coexist peacefully. Through this probe the paper calls for policies that prioritize religious freedom and equitable treatment, to create global peace and cooperation among nations by developing mutual respect and understanding.




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