About the Journal

Al-Mīthāq (Research Journal of Islamic Theology) ISSN: 2791-0989 (P), 2791-0997 (E) is a tri-lingual (Urdu, English and Arabic), Double-Blind peer-reviewed, open access a biannual Research Journal, is published by Hira Institute of Social Sciences Research & Development. In this journal different aspects of Islamic theology and their impact on Muslim world are discussed.

Al-Mīthāq is a peer-reviewed academic journal that serves as a forum for distributing research discoveries on issues relating to Islam and Islamic Sciences. It pursues to publish articles that identify, discover and outspread Islamic Knowledge relating to Qurān and its Sciences, Ḥadīth and its Sciences, Islamic History, Economics, Politics, Culture and Civilization, Sufism, Shari'ah & Law, Comparative Religions and other related disciplines in order to encourage an atmosphere boosting to universal peace and interfaith harmony. The Journal has a special focus on Islamic Thoughts and their modern applications. Scholars, Intellectuals and officials of the universities and other circles are always invited & welcomed for their unique research findings & writings.